Don't waste your time doing weeks of research to see what works on “Retina”.

Just Updated to make your web sites shiny on iPhone 6 and Phablets

Now that phones, tablets and laptops use high-resolution, “can’t tell it’s pixels” displays it’s time to take the plunge and make your sites and apps ready for retina.

“Wow! Retinafy is the definitive guide to making high resolution websites. Throw away your bookmarks and scavenged gists because Thomas has already done all the work. You'll learn everything you need to know in order to use the right technique for each scenario and device you encounter. It's all explained with clear examples and real code you can use right now – all in a book you can read in one sitting. If you are considering making your site or app retina ready, it would be silly not to own this book. Jason Zimdars (@jasonzimdars), Designer, Basecamp

With “Retinafy your web sites & apps” by Thomas Fuchs (of and Zepto.js fame) you’ll be up to speed in no time, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on creating stunningly beautiful high-resolution websites, that load fast and work in any browser.

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…for the price of a movie ticket, popcorn & a soda.

“After the iPhone 4 and the new iPad, the Retina MacBook Pro and the upcoming release of Windows 8 with 1.4× and 1.8× scaling modes, high-ppi resolution has now firmly arrived on the desktop. You simply can no longer afford to ignore Retina resolution in your websites and web apps. In this handy book, Thomas brings together all the information you need to get started Retinafying in no-time without any of the fluff you so often find in tech books these days.”
Thijs van der Vossen (@thijs), Fingertips

I’ve spent many tireless hours doing research and testing so you don’t have to use trial and error to discover what it takes to retinafy your web site or app.

Beat your competitors and be the first one on the block with a retina-ready site.

The book will show you a pragmatic approach to create great-looking sites without any guesswork or architecture astronautism. Information that is short, concise and to the point—with no extra fluff will get you started quickly. You’ll have your web site or app all retinafied in no time!

If you are new to the concepts of optimizing sites for retina displays, this is definitely the book for you. Fuchs makes it clear that it is not as intimidating as it seems, yet it is important—these screens are here to stay, and we might as well take advantage of this opportunity to create beautiful experiences for our users.”
Jack Bouba (@jackbouba), Planet Argon

The ebook comes without any DRM BS, in a PDF format ideal for on-screen reading on your desktop computer, your iPad or Android tablet.

Curious of how the book looks like? Check out this 3-page example.

“The present and future is a world of devices that come in all sizes and pixel densities. Thomas did an extensive amount of research (I watched it in realtime on Twitter) and put together a concise guide to creating crisp interfaces that work universally. It took about half an hour to read through–the language and examples are easily digested. This book has undoubtedly saved me days of Googling and hair pulling. Thanks Thomas!” Brennan Dunn (@brennandunn), Planscope

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